Warning: Before any product return request, you must follow the following procedure:

1 / Connect to your customer account on the site.
2 / Go to "Order history".
3 / Go to the details of your order
4 / Check the product you want to return.
5 / Leave a message in the message box: Refund request OR Credit code request to order another pair or another size.
6 / Press the GENERATE RETURN button

Following this step, we will then validate your request within 48 working hours, you must then return to "My product returns" to print your return request and slip it into your return package.

You can then return your package by post by colissimo without signature by post to the address indicated at the bottom of your invoice.

7 / After posting your package, you then have 3 working days to send by email to the tracking number of your package that the post office will give you (Proof of sending by colissimo). If we do not receive your return colissimo number by email within these 3 days, the return of your package will be automatically refused when it arrives at our depot.


- If the product is delivered to you with a shoebox (In particular on leather products): Please do not use shoeboxes as a parcel box. The box must return to our premises in good condition and not taped or with a bundle of colissimo on the shoebox. If this box returns damaged, the amount of 5 euros will be withdrawn from you upon reimbursement.

- If your shoes arrive in a brown post office box, in this case you can use them again. Don't forget to protect the shoes by putting each shoe back in its bag and bubble wrap.

- Make sure that each shoe sole is not soiled with dust from your floor when trying on. If the soles come back soiled with dust, the amount of 5 euros will be withdrawn from you upon reimbursement. Each product must return to our premises in the same condition as when it was received at your home.

Until when can I return my items?

You have 15 working days after receipt of your order to request a return of a pair. (Not used).

After your request to return a pair and the agreement of the manager: You have 3 working days to return your pair to us.

After this date has expired, we will no longer accept its return.

Items must be returned new (never used) clearly indicating "the Sender" on the outside of your package. In your package, it is important to add your "Liliboty" PRODUCT RETURN document. Product returns are the responsibility of the customer .


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How is the refund or exchange made?
We refund or in the form of a credit code if you wish to re-order for another size or another model.

Or :
We refund in the form of the payment method you used to pay: Check, Credit card via Paybox or Paypal.

Payment by check = reimbursement by check

Payment by card = reimbursement by card except for rechargeable virtual cards.

Rechargeable virtual card payment = reimbursement by credit code (The paybox does not give the possibility of crediting a rechargeable virtual card. Only the beneficiary of the card can load their bank card.). E-cards are no longer accepted on our store since October 8, 2020.

Paypal payment: paypal refund (can take up to 15 days).

For payments in 3 installments free of charge by check: They are reimbursed only in the form of a credit code valid for one year. The 3 times free of charge by check is a subscription that cannot be canceled.

If you used a discount voucher when ordering, it will be automatically deducted when you refund.

ASSETS : Instead of reimbursement by check, you can request a credit for the value of your pair of shoes in the form of a promo code valid for 1 year. After this period, it is neither refunded nor extended.

Important note:
We do not reimburse the shipping costs (neither on the way, nor on the return). Shipping costs are always paid by the customer himself.
In case of partial refund of your order: If the amount of the purchase drops below 70 euros (by Mondial Relay) or 80 euros (By post), We will refund your pair and deduct the shipping costs from your order.

In the event of one or more product returns on your order: If you used a reduction voucher when placing your order, it will be automatically deducted when you refund.


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