Payment methods on our store:

You have 3 payment methods on our site.

- The bank card via secure 3D payment.
E-cards are no longer accepted on our store since October 8, 2020.


- The check (only French check) - Order: EURL KTANA

Payment by check in single payment or in 2 installments or in 3 installments free of charge.

Payments in 3 installments without charge are refundable only in the form of CODE AVOIR.

The 3 times free of charge cannot be used on products on promotion or on sale

Payment by check in 2 or 3 installments free of charge.


From 50 to 119 euros: Maximum 2 checks.

More than 120 euros: Maximum 3 checks.

Your collection in three, two or three times free of charge:

Your order takes effect from the receipt of 2 or 3 checks

The first check is cashed immediately.

The second is cashed 30 days after the first cashout

The third is cashed 60 days after the first encashment (if the 3rd check).

Your order is sent the day after receipt of all of your checks.

The amount of each check must be the same. Check numbers must follow each other.

Your checks must have the same last name as your order.
You must include with your checks a photocopy of the identity card of the signatory of the checks.
NOTE behind each check the date it was collected.

For payments in 3 installments free of charge by check: They are reimbursed only in the form of a credit code valid for one year. The 3 times free of charge by check is a subscription that cannot be canceled.

For more details, contact us on 06 99 67 98 92.


- Bank transfer - RIB



CB, Paypal via secure payment from Paypal. Charged on the day of your order.

To pay by credit card on the site, select PAYPAL at the end of your order.

A paypal page opens. You have 2 options offered on this page:

1 / You have a paypal account

2 / You do not have a paypal account: Click on the link: You do not have a paypal account, a new page opens, allowing you to securely enter your credit card details.

Note: We do not offer COD payment.

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