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Welcome to the page of derbies and sneakers for women small sizes 28 and beyond. For a more casual, cool look or because you tend to get around on foot, you need comfortable shoes: you've come to the right place by consulting this page.

How to match your sneakers to your outfit?

We offer small size sneakers that will go perfectly with jeans and a printed T-shirt. For outings in the city, some models of sneakers are more dressy, and will go very well with a "couture" outfit, a long skirt where the small size sneakers will break the effect a little too romantic, or leggings or shorts.

What color of sneakers in small sizes should you favor?

Your choice of sneaker color will depend on what you want to do with them: go for all-purpose colors if you don't have a special outfit in mind. Liliboty offers you, if you want a more fashionable style, original sneakers with metallic effects, which will go perfectly with the timeless black skirt and a "cool" top. You put on a size 31, opt for the silver high top sneakers available on this page, you will not be disappointed. Find our other models of small size women's shoes on the whole site.

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